Our Team

It is really a daunting task to provide quality products to our customers as quality does not come easy today. Due to sheer hard work and 100% commitment of our team at Trustwiko that we ensure you of the best quality health supplements. Well-qualified, skilled, talented and rich in experience, our team members leave no stone unturned to guarantee you the best of health. Our motto is to create a disease-free society that has people with long and healthy lives.

Quality specialist team

Our dietary supplements and fitness products undergo extensive testing; we maintaining GMP quality procedures at the same time. This is the reason why our team constitutes of quality specialists. They assure that right from the sourcing of ingredients till the final product is manufactured, there are no compromises on the quality. There are many checks on suppliers of these ingredients. Moreover, our human resources work 24/7; supervising processes being error-free at every step of manufacturing. It requires tireless efforts on the part of a team to strictly abide by our quality assurance program that has various components to it.

These comprise of verifying the qualification of the raw material supplier, testing of ingredients, in-process and finished product testing processes, control of documentation, retention of records and routine internal audits for total quality management and assurance. Safety and effectiveness of our products come handy due to our people having adopted these qualitative measures.

Our Counselors

We understand that today, markets are flooded with so many diet supplements and nutritional products that it has become quite a herculean task for our customers to choose the right one. This is where our team of health counselors and guidance experts help you. Health counseling has become a dire need these days. We are not only concerned with you taking dietary supplements but also understanding what all goes into life-style management and how our products enable you achieve the same easier and faster.

Before you go through our products displayed on our e-commerce portal, feel free to discuss about the positive effects of a particular product on both your mental and physical health. You can do so by keeping in touch with our counselors and medical experts. It is also advisable to read authentic online reviews of our products by our satisfied customers who are more like a family to us. We at Trustwiko offer you the right recommendation for your health and well-being.