Privacy Policy

Eligibility to use the website

Our website can only be accessed by persons who agree to form legally binding contracts with us and they must be applicable under law. Persons found to be incapable of contracting within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 and this comprises of UN-discharged insolvents too, are ineligible to use our website. Trustwiko has exclusive right to terminate your membership and may refuse to offer you access to the site, in case you are found breaching the contract. Our website remains unavailable to those whose membership has been suspended or ended by for any reason whatever it may be. In case you are registering yourself as a business entity, you epitomize exercising the authority to bind the entity to this Privacy Policy.

Ordering and delivery of products

We at Trustwiko do not represent that any product or service referred to in the materials on our website is suitable for use outside India or, is available there. If you choose to access this site from outside India, you will be responsible for compliance with local laws to the extent they are applicable. We are only responsible for taking orders of products and delivering the same within the domestic territory. We are not liable for any claims arising out of any products ordered from outside the country. Even in India, there are few states restricting direct sale of merchandise from other states and thus need special documentation for this kind of sale to happen without dual taxation. In case we receive an order from such states, we may accept or reject the order to be dispatched. If you are accessing our website from those states in India that prohibit such use of products, you will only be responsible for complying with the local laws if and to the degree they are applicable.

Trustwiko can only be held liable for dispatching products within those states that have an open import policy. We cannot be held accountable for any claims that pertain to any products ordered from states imposed with restrictions. Excluding places where additional product-specific terms and conditions are provided, our Terms of use supplant all earlier presentations, agreements or understandings. This Privacy Policy will exist despite any of the changes in any terms of the order being submitted. You agree to be bound by our terms and conditions by using the services of our website