3 Amazing Things to Know About Brazilian Coffee Beans


If you are in Brazil, then it is most likely that you will drink coffee every time- from early to late night. Brazil is one of the giant producers of coffee. You can say that coffee plantations are the means of the economy of Brazil. The country has maintained its position as the biggest producer of coffee since the nineteenth and twentieth century. The most popular varieties of Arabica coffee are bourbon, catuai, mundo, novo, typica and margotype. All of these varieties have unique flavors and they are acidity free with very low caffeine content in them. A good Brazilian can be recommended for everyone and it is the most suitable for espresso and cappuccino. Brazil coffee beans suppliers are the biggest suppliers of coffee.

Brazil coffee beans suppliers
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Facts about the Brazilian coffee

As a coffee enthusiast and moreover as a resident of Brazil, it is very important to know everything about coffee. I am going to share some amazing facts about Brazilian coffee, which might surprise you.

  1. Brazil is world’s biggest producer of coffee

Brazil has a huge coffee production. It supplies about one-third of the coffee globally. Thus, it is recognized as the biggest producer of coffee till now. The country’s manufacturing of coffee has a huge impact on the international market. If Brazil stops supplying coffee in the international market, then the price of coffee will increase to a much higher extent and it might happen that the coffee will become a really precious beverage.

  1. Brazilian coffee is diverse

Brazil produces coffee from more than fourteen different districts which spans across seven states. The coffee in the country have a mixed diversity. If one focuses on the data collected of the coffee bags, then you will know the coffee in your kitchen has come from Minas Gerais, Minas, Cerrado Mineiro, São Paulo and many more states.

With such a big number of coffee producing regions, you can find a good variety of experimental and traditional varieties like Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Icatu, Catuaí, Lapar, Catucaí. You can find coffee production at bigger and larger scale. There is no doubt in the fact that with such a good variety, you will find the type of coffee you love.

  1. They have a speciality naturals

Coffee produced in Brazil is mostly natural or semi-natural. The coffee is processed naturally, after the cherries which are picked and then dried without removing their skin. Natural processing of coffee is not possible without damaging the beans which adds a unique sweetness and texture to the coffee. The dry weather of Brazil makes it ideal for the agriculture of coffee beans.

Coffee beans in Brazil are ranked on the basis of the colour, which are then segregated by the process known as screen sorting. This is how Brazilian coffee brands are ranked starting from the best and ending with the worst based on soft, softer, hard, harder and hardest beans they provide.

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