5 Rowing Workouts to Build Muscles and Get Ripped


Staying fit is everyone’s distant dream in the busy schedule that we all live in, waiting for the day to finally be able to make some time and conscious to hit the gym. When this doesn’t seem to happening, we need to find alternate methods of building up those muscles and getting ripped to flaunt the much-awaited summer body. Home rowers come into such a picture as a very handy and convenient machine for exercise and also can let you perform some hard-hit sets of exercises to give you the much-needed muscle build-up and bring out your protein-rich diet in your muscles.

  • Fast Sprint Rowing

Rowing all by itself is a complete exercise for your abdomen which will in turn make your arms, legs and torso toned and bring in the shape you have been waiting for. This should be done in fixed intervals for the same fixed duration of time. For example, after a 30 second of fast rowing you should take a 30 second break and then continue until a few more sets. You can also count the repetitions in terms of each complete rowing cycle. You can increase this number as you gradually get accustomed to this training schedule.

  • Rowing Triangles

This exercise can also be heard as rowing triangle and is just an extension of the simple sprint rowing with extra attention to hips and legs which can be performed on the Home Rower. This involves sitting at the rear of the machine and keeping your legs in a triangle shape or better explained, forming a pyramid. This will require much strength for the arms and the posture helps in building up muscles from arms, abdomen up till your legs. This is a very effective way for utilising the limited time you can give to each exercise and to working out in the whole day itself.

  • Row and Prep

Rowing is not just about being contained in itself but the main aim is to combine it with efficient exercises to get the most out of your rowing exercise. Row and prep is just a name given to a set or series of exercises that follow rowing pyramids as your daily dose of workout. Pyramid rowing should be followed by squats, then push-ups and then mountain climbers, if not then lunges. Each of these exercises should have five reps each and can be increased as you escalate further. The rounds can be repeated in the same order.

  • Frog Leap

This is another variation to the sprint rowing and is most effective when you have to fix your posture and at the same time tone down your body and get ripped. Frog leap demands you to fold your legs closer to your body and then perform the fast sprint rowing for up to a 30 second and then taking a break for another 30. You can repeat this for a few times until you deem appropriate. This exercise shoes faster results and helps you tone down the body fat while building up muscles rather quicker.

  • Bent Over Row Exercise

Rowing isn’t just about sitting and sprint rowing. There is a lot more to it than one can comprehend with self-knowledge. Hence, some guidance is always required when it comes to that perfect summer body. Bent over row works out not just your abdomen and back, but in addition also works up your biceps and triceps thus giving you an extra reason to do it all the more. This also shows much faster results and also improves flexibility in the targeted areas. Maintaining perfect posture while performing this exercise is prime to obtaining best results.

These were some grinding rowing exercises to get ripped and flaunt your muscular body to the world while always keeping in mind that safety comes first no matter no what. While it is important you perform better than yourself from the previous day but make sure you don’t push yourself so hard to cause any harm and you are good to go.

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