5 Yoga Poses for getting Killer Abs


Yoga can take your problems away and help you to get the effective results without hitting gym or by lifting heavy weight equipments. Beneficial qualities of Yoga is known to mankind from any years and from past few years the whole world start following the steps and process involved in Yoga. You need to follow the right movement and procedure to get the better results taking less time. Fatty tummy is no more the barrier when you try new outfits. It is really easy to get killer abs by implementing the Yoga techniques over the body by finding genuine answers.

Here, we will like to discuss some of the important and effective poses of Yoga which bring the changes in your upper and lower abs. It is important to follow the instruction given below or discussing with any trained Yoga Guru.

  1. Posing like a Cat and Cow

Yes, it might sound weird but the pose will perfectly warm the muscle inside your body and stress the back and shoulder in order to give a pressure to the abdomen. Get into the floor in the pose of cat by supporting the body from your hand palm and keens. You have to move your head and abdomen part in upper and lower direction by fixing the shoulder and legs. The movement of the body effectively the fats consumed in your abs and come with the curve.

  1. Doing Boat Pose

Shape your body like a boat which really brings the changes in your abs. To get the results in few days you should try this in your home or outside choosing any fresh location. You have to sit on the floor by keeping the legs straight. By starting the movement you should up the legs in the upward direction by keeping the hands on the air in a straight direction which helps you to balance the body as the portion from hips to head should go downwards in slow move where the pressure must be given on this special area to build up the pressure in your abs.

  1. Side Plank Moves

Maintaining the routine and accurate steps in the process of Yoga is really effective and safe for the body and mind. When you are talking about killer abs you must follow this side plank move to shape the abs like your favorite celebrity or model. Side plank starts by keeping the body over one hand and toes. The positions resemble both hands in a straight direction where one hand should go upward and another towards the floor to get the support. Engage the transverses abdomens and oblique by pulling the belly button towards the navel and raising the hips high. It helps you to keep the side curves in your abs.

  1. Following Basic Crunch

Basic crunch is the most common and familiar pose in Yoga as most of the people follows this pose to shape the abs better. Lying in the floor by placing your back straightly and keep your hands folded to touch the portion near ear which support balancing and now move the thighs upper by folding the knees straight where you need to move the lower body up and down in a smooth manner. You try to touch the nose from your keens by not moving the hands which definitely gives you killer abs.

  1. Twisted Root Crunches

Once you are familiar with the Yoga steps and pose the body starts behaving in a positive way without giving any kind of pain or side effects. Twisted root crunches is similar to basic crunch the only thing you to add here is to keep left leg below the right one in twisted position which increases the pressure and shape the abs much better.

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