6 Cooking Ideas to Make Healthy Food at Home

6 Cooking Ideas to Make Healthy Food at Home

When was the last time you gobbled up a lot of junk food? If you love your grub, you may be compromising on your health. About 15% of people everywhere are obese or suffering from problems that can be linked to their food habits, but don’t worry, we’re not here to give you another boring lecture on how to curb eating and say no to junk. Instead, let’s try something different. You can get healthier by slightly modifying your eating habits at home. Add a bit of this, avoid using that and you’ll still be eating your favorite food, except it’ll be a lot healthier. Here are 6 cooking ideas that make your food healthier. Try them in the kitchen!

  1. Less Oil, Lesser Calories

Be very economical with your cooking oil. If you tend to soak your food in oil as you cook it, you’ll be taking in more bad cholesterol than is necessary. Bad cholesterol can lead to ailments such as blood pressure. It is wise to cook with small amounts of oil, which, not only get your food fried and cooked very well, but also help your health to an extent.

  1. Wipe Off That Grease!

If you take your food with the extra grease on it, it’s not going to taste any better. When you serve the food, remember to use a napkin or a towel to let the grease food soak away before it is finally consumed. About 30% of calories on your food come from the grease on it which holds a large number of dangerous organic chemicals, doing you more harm than good.

  1. Decorate Your Veggies

A lot of people avoid veggies. High in nutritional value an fibre, veggies form an important part of your meal. They keep the balance in your body, while bringing in a steady supply of water for your system. If you’re one of those who hate veggies, be creative. You could use sliced avocados, zucchini or innovative spices that add extra flavor to your health. 

  1. Healthy Eggs and Olive Oil

Try using egg whites instead of whole eggs. By doing so, you miss out on 48 calories per egg. In recipes which require an egg, try using two egg whites instead of one egg. The phrase “healthy oil” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s not! Olive oil actually works well for your body. It has been scientifically proven to be better than most other oils, apart from being an extremely good for preventing weight gain, obesity, strokes and heart attacks. Read up more at: https://www.inductionselect.com/

  1. Add to Your Meat Dishes

If you love meat, you can creative with this too. Add grains and veggies to your meat dishes. You will be able to reduce the amount of meat consumed while filling up the bulk of your ordinary portion. Additionally, you shall also be consuming a lot of veggies which are good for your health. Red meat has been linked to diseases such as high blood pressure, so you should do your best to reduce their consumption to a minimum. Take small portions and stay away from overeating.

  1. Replace

Some foods earn their flavor from the creams or cheese that come along with them. For such foods, you can try replacements or reduce the amount of fats you put in them. Reducing the amount of cheese in your cheesy foods can significantly help in cutting down some calories. When it comes to creamy mashed potatoes, consider using unsweetened milk and mashed garlic to make the cream. These replacements are healthier and you won’t have to disappoint your taste buds either!

Eating healthy is the first step to leading an ailment free life. You can keep some of these tips in mind the next time you’re in the kitchen to stir up something special. By inserting a few changes here and there, it is possible to control the bad cholesterol entering your body. This is convenient because you need not work on rigorous diet plans or sweat it out at the gym. Rearrange your kitchen and you’re good!

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