Adjust to Motherhood With Simple and Healthy Steps

Adjust to Motherhood With Simple and Healthy Steps

Giving birth to a child is the most joyous time when during the first months of the baby, extreme care and outstanding comfort the baby starts growing and showing different moods. It is the period of post-pregnancy i.e. from the time of giving birth to the baby to at least six to eight weeks which are to get normal to as before the pre-pregnancy period. This phase is tough as extreme care is needed for both the baby and the mother.

The new mother progresses through many changes which are both physically and emotionally and one has to learn to make adjustments which are required to becoming a new mother. All these changes can be different in varied cases. There are many post pregnancy magazines in hindi which tells about –how to take care of the new born baby and the new mother. All these tips can be inculcated in the daily life to remove all stress and give a nurturing comfort and care to the baby.

Post-pregnancy tips for a new mother-

  • Take plenty of rest- In order to cope up with the tiredness and fatigue, the new mother should give a plenty of rest to the body. At this time, it is very common that the baby wakes up every two or three hours for the feed, but one has to keep in mind to take rest and have a complete sleep.

  • Eat healthy- Nutrition after the pregnancy means giving the body the right amount of diet and meals in order to promote the healing and recovery process. It is important for every new mother to be healthy after pregnancy so as to take proper care of their baby. One must add a variety of food items while encouraging the right amount of calories and fat.
  • Exercise- Getting involved in some activity or walk, etc is prescribed by many doctors after a specific period of time after the baby’s birth. This activity should not be strenuous and in turn, should give the body a feeling of refreshment and activeness.
  • Avoid heavy work- In case of caesarean delivery especially, the mother should not pick any heavy weight items except the baby. On the other way also, it is advised to not to indulge in any activity which is too heavy and hard for the body as the body is still in the phase of recovery.
  • Take proper care of hygiene- Another to do item in the list is to have a healthy hygiene. Every mother must take proper care of washing hands after and before changing the diapers, preparing food for the baby and so on. For this one can buy post pregnancy magazines in hindi to have a complete checklist of hygiene in hand.
  • Think about baby care- The last thing on the list is to take complete care of the baby without becoming a perfectionist. Leave botheration of the house, one must focus only on the baby care.

Coping with body changes after giving birth is not that simple. But with slight care, help and efforts one can be back to normal life both physically and mentally.

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