5 Common Food Items That Might Gives You Allergies Which You Should Know


We often complain about allergies and try out best to stay away from that by taking medicines or by implementing new techniques and smart steps. But before going to implement any solution or measure you should know about some of the common food that might gives you allergies.

So, Here We Will Discuss About Those Foods That Brings Problems in Terms of Getting Allergies.

  1. Milk

Milk is something that is commonly taken as the most useful and beneficial drink for babies, toddlers and even for adults to get the nutritious values in a proper way. After mother’s milk, cow milk is commonly used and that contains IgE and non-IgE allergies. Yes, drinking cow milk might gives you vomiting tendency, rashes and swelling which are really common symptoms.

  1. Eggs

Are you fond of eggs? If yes then you must know that eating eggs can also give you allergies, though the egg contains two valuable elements like egg white and egg yolk. The white portion caries more fats and sometimes people taking that portion. The yolk is rich in protein and gives you better health. Consumption of too much egg can give you allergies like rashes and stomach ache.

  1. Peanuts

The survey reveals that 3 out of 10 people are getting allergic with peanuts which are really liked by many people across the globe. The consumption of peanut is very common as it is tastes good and give pleasure to your demands. But children in most of the cases are allergic to peanuts and the symptoms are difficult to find as it varies from person to person.

  1. Fish

Fish are mostly liked by people and comes with high percentage of protein in it by giving a better health. But even after finding many beneficial qualities, you might get allergic to some species of fish like cod, salmon, prawn etc. which might not suited with your needs and comes with allergies. So, you should think before trying any new cuisine made from fish which you didn’t tried before.  

  1. Banana

Fruits are always welcome at any pint of time and when you talk about Banana then you are really choosing something healthy. But for some people it might be a danger as it gives allergies like itching in the mouth, poor digestive system, abdominal pain or vomiting. The symptoms might vary with the type of your body but to stay away from allergies you should maintain the choices.

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