Andractim Review: Side Effects, Ingredients, Scam, Does It Work?


Andractim contains DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, which is an androgenic hormone that is synthesized from natural testosterone in your body by the 5a-reductase enzyme. It is a gel product that is a topical steroid. It is estimated to be as much as 30 times stronger than testosterone alone. It is one of the best product for those who really want to lean up the muscles, but not delve too deeply into anabolics. It is a great way to give an anabolic a trial run. The similar product is Biogenex Testo is a supplement which is intended to explicitly enhance the general creation of testosterone in your body and bringing every one of the advantages which are for the most part connected with it. The item is asserted to enable you to accomplish a less fatty physical make-up and to improve your general muscle building capacities. Even though the numbers make it seem like a very potent anabolic, by the time it is absorbed in the body and breaks down it is not real strong. It is a good beginning or simple maintenance anabolic.

How Does Andractim Works?

Andractim gel enter the body and some of it is reduced to inactive metabolites, but much of it will make it to the androgen receptors. They respond in much the same way it would if you were taking testosterone. This is a gel based supplement due to which it reaches areas such as the prostate and scalp with relative ease, but it takes a bit more to get to the muscles. This is why 2 applications are needed per day. It is a non-aromatizing androgen which means that this will not convert to estrogen and having large amounts of estrogen on hand suppresses LH production as well as testosterone. It is also effective in somewhat suppressing the estrogen in the body. It is this combination of effects that leads to positive results when using the product.

Andractim – Ingredients

Andractim Pros

  • It’s readily available withuot a prescription.
  • It balances feminine and hormones that are male.
  • It could cuase penis development.
  • It might correct gynomastia.

Andractim Cons

  • It may trigger hair thinning.
  • You need to be cautious to not allow the addressed location touch others or household members.
  • It is never as powerful as what you could get with a prescription.

Andractim – Side effects

Andractim is formulated of the safest available compounds which make it safe for consumption. Hence there is no list of potential side effects. If you feel discomfort after using them discontinue the consumption.

Andractim – Conclusion

Andractim is not likely to be find bothering any heavy duty bodybuilders, although it’s a way to test the waters of anabolics. The topical method of application and levels of benefit it produces means that it is worth their time. It is perfect if you are just starting in the world of weightlifting or bodybuilding. Other than a slight soreness to the muscles initially there are some side effects. One problem can be availability. It is not always easy to find and could be illegal in many countries. Our advice is to give it a sure try, because it is not that much risky and it will provide you good results. It’s a better to choice for the person who want to build muscles effectively.