Everything You Need To Know About Dentures


Do you have a missing tooth? Anyone who lost a few teeth due to accident or tooth decay or due to natural aging often wonders if the vacant space could be filled up in the mouth. Unfortunately, when there is poor teeth alignment, people have to get rid of certain teeth. Now there is no need to live with a missing tooth as you may go for dentures. Wondering what dentures are? They are removable dental frame application to hold artificial teeth. The prosthetic dental frame may have either a single tooth or multiple teeth. Denture in the mouth is supported by jaw bone or the gum on the jaw bone to give proper dental look to an individual. As per the number of teeth missing, you may go for temporary denture, permanent denture, complete or partial denture.

When there is loss of natural teeth due to some reasons, you have to find ways to get artificial teeth. Recurring oral infection, some kind of accident and severe tooth decay may lead to the loss of tooth or teeth. People get often confused between dental implants and dentures. Both dental implants and dentures have their benefits and drawbacks. Dentures offer a lot of benefits and are preferred over dental implant. With denture, you will have fully functional teeth and so you may eat, speak and drink with ease. There will be no sagging muscles on the face to mar the appearance. Indeed, dentures are preferred solely due to this reason. It improves facial appearance even if you have lost a few natural teeth.

There are two kinds of dentures

Complete and partial dentures are two kinds of dentures available for patients to replace missing teeth in a full dental arch. If you have lost all your teeth, complete denture will be required. With denture treatment, you are going to have a new set of teeth. When the mouth is without any tooth, transient denture or immediate denture is installed by the dentist. This denture helps in the healing of gums. The jaw also retains the ability to hold the new set of teeth. Even if the natural teeth are missing, one can continue with healthy lifestyle. During this process when the jaw and gums are healing, the dentist prepares permanent denture. After the mouth has healed completely and the tissues have recovered, permanent denture is installed. Permanent denture may still be removed later on if you want. But, as long as you take care of the denture as natural teeth, they remain intact. Partial denture is another type of denture which is installed when an individual has lost a few teeth. When it comes to artificial teeth, they may be made of valplast or acrylic material or others.

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How Much It Costs?

Before you take denture treatment, you must enquire about the cost. Now, the cost of denture varies from place to place. It all depends on the experience level of the dentist and his team members. If you have dental insurance, the cost will be lowered significantly. The type and material of denture also determines the cost. It is highly advisable that you discuss out the whole procedure with the dentist along with the cost.

Why to Get Denture Treatment?

Getting dentures can boost your confidence level dramatically. You may flash a magnificent and beautiful smile. Having teeth in front helps in pronunciation. The chewing ability also restores with dentures.

After you get dentures, learn how to take care of it. This is very important if you want the artificial teeth to last for long. Frequent visits to the dentist are also necessary. Dentures are a great way to improve facial appearance.

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