Facts About A Stem Cell Therapy


It has to be stated that stem cell therapy is an important topic of discussion among health care professionals. Sometimes it does go on to become a topic of political debate as well. Some important questions pertaining to this type of therapy are as follows

The definition of stem cell therapy and the importance of it?

Stem cells work out to be blank cells that could thrive under the right form of conditions. In a way it could go on to replace the damaged cells of the body and this would mean a variety of health conditions or diseases could be treated as well. In simple terms  it goes on to treat various conditions that is not possible via the traditional option.

Would you recommend use of embryonic cells to be a legal option?

It has to be stated that federal funding is suggested for research under stringent guidelines. If you go on to conduct research beyond the prescribed guidelines , still it works out to be a legal option, but that needs to be available under private funding that is hard to achieve.

There were attempts made by political leaders on the user of embryonic cells, but limited results was achieved. What it means that the research of these new cells could be funded at a central level. It has to be stated that once the cells are extracted from the embryo then you do go on to destroy it. This is one of the main reasons why research in this topic is not called for.

There have been arguments pouring in that the extraction of embryo cells is not considered to be an ethical option. The reason is that the embryo would be destroyed as the donor is not going to need it for any form of reproductive purposes. The donors have varied options and this includes destruction of the embryos, then can donate this to an adopting woman and if a woman does not want to donate it to other lady, they could still go on to donate it for research. It could lead to complete destruction of the embryos or they could opt them to be destroyed immediately as well.

Is there any form of risks associated with this form of treatment?

A lot of human studies have still not been conducted with regards to this form of treatment. One of the concerns that do arise is the chances of cancer increase to a considerable extent. The main reason for the occurrence of cancer is that the cells tend to multiply and they are not going to self-destruct when things to do not work as per plan. Any form of tumour growth both malignant and benign could lead to the problem.

Stem cell therapy in India has been a top draw and the main reason is because the quality of treatment that could be compared to the best in the world. This is apart from the reasonable savings that is made with regards to the cost.

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