How to Relieve Anxiety without a Prescription

How to Relieve Anxiety without a Prescription

Victims of chronic anxiety know how frustrating it is to seek help and still not find a good method for anxiety relief. There is no perfect method for anxiety relief. Anxiety strikes any time for just about any reason and until it passes, you may be left helpless.

Anxiety is a mental illness that doesn’t require a reason to strike and by knowing that you might be able to relieve anxiety. In this article, we offer you practical and unique ways to relieve your anxiety.

Use deep breathing to activate your body’s natural relaxation

When it comes to anxiety, the most natural instinct is deep breathing. Focusing on your breathing allows you to relax even if its just for a little while. When you take deep abdominal breathes, you will be able to activate the body’s natural relaxation and help with the alleviation of the anxiety.

To trigger that response start by putting a hand on your chest and the other one on your stomach. Breathe so deeply that the hand on your stomach is higher than the one on your chest. Breathe in via your nose and then out through your mouth for about ten seconds. Repeat to reach 6-8 breathes per minute.

Center yourself in the here and now by using mindfulness

Center yourself in the here and now by using mindfulness

Anxiety is a symptom where someone focuses more on the future while depression a symptom where someone focuses on the past too much. Most of anxiety comes when you focus on something that isn’t existing in the present.

You can use the 5-4-3-2-1 coping mechanism. It works by acknowledging the 5 things you see, the 4 things you can touch, the 3 things you hear, 2 things you smell, and one thing you can taste. By the time you are done with the technique you will mindfully bring yourself to the present moment and effectively relieve your anxiety.

Use visualization techniques to find your happy place

Anxiety can sometimes make you feel as though you are ripping your head off however you can use the visualization technique to help relieve the anxiety. You should start by taking a few slow and deep breaths to center and calm yourself.

Create a place in your imagination and imagine you are there and everything is exactly how you want it. In your happy place, focus on having different senses. Don’t just visualize a scene in your mind, create the sounds, sights, tastes, smells, and touches that come along with it. Stay in that scene until you feel relaxed.

Stop believing what your anxiety is telling you, question your thoughts

Anxiety has so little to do with what is in front of you. It can be as a result of stuff from your past that you have never resolved. When anxiety strikes, find the deeper reason that is triggering the anxiety.

When you do, realize the silliness of that thing, acknowledge the root thought that is causing the anxiety and then realize that you are doing all you can with whatever you have. Release that thought that is holding you in anxiety and give yourself permission to find new possibilities in your life.

Focus on the meaningful activities that offer you a deep sense of purpose

Focus on the meaningful activities that offer you a deep sense of purpose

With the right determination, you can turn suffering into accomplishment and achievement. You can try Viktor Frankl method of logo-therapy. It has three main parts, dereflection where you focus on other people, socratic dialogue where you self-discover yourself through meaning-centered word, and paradoxical intention where you focus on the things that cause your anxiety.

The point is to take the necessary steps to play with the anxiety until it doesn’t intimidate you anymore.  By doing this, you will be able to open the ability to choose what will give your life more meaning. By turning your focus to the purpose of your being, your worry and anxiety will get stripped away because you will be living in the present moment.

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To do this, find activities that will help give your life more meaning. Some of the things will you give pleasure and meaning for a short period of time like a good puzzle or book, and others may have a big overarching meaning such as your job.

Use paradoxical intention to practice radical acceptance

Paradoxical intention may seem like the weirdest psychological solution because it deep rooted in the idea that tries to suppress a feeling or thought that serves to make the feeling or thought stronger. So you actively try to create more of that feeling or thought in your life instead of resisting it.

This therapy is more about facing your fears instead of resisting the fear and focuses more on you leaning in. It requires you to focus on what causes your anxiety and tell the anxiety to bring it on.

Paradoxical intention reduces your anxiety by relieving you of the fears that causes your anxiety. If you make your anxiety bigger than what it really is you will be welcoming it with open arms allowing it to dissipate and hence the paradox.

Include daily meditation in your life

Daily meditation has been proven to have many health benefits. One of the greatest benefit is that you are able to control your emotions and relieve anxiety. For an effective meditation session, look for a quiet place without any distraction, focus on your breathing, and cleat your mind of any distracting thoughts.

Listen to soothing music

Listen to soothing music

A study shows that listening to soothing music can initiate fast recovery in the endocrine and psychological stress response and in the autonomic nervous system as well. Which is how music helps relive anxiety.

People have different tastes in music. What you find soothing may not have the same effect on someone else. So you need to know yourself and the type of music that relaxes you.


These tips are more about lifestyle changes. If you suffer from chronic anxiety, you will need to make sure that you find new ways to live and cope for you to be able to manage stress and anxiety. Build a lifestyle where you can be able to reduce anxiety triggers, calm yourself when it hits, and snap back when it hits you. If you have any addictions, such as meth addiction, you should seek necessary help.

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