How Warby Parker Changed the Eyeglasses Industry

How Warby Parker Changed the Eyeglasses Industry

Before Warby Parker started commercial operations in 2010, the eyewear industry as of that time, probably had just a few friends and well-wishers. Although the sector was a multi-billion dollar industry that catered for the visual need of customers, it did not seem to have incorporated a method or framework that could see to it, that the eye products were accessible to everyone who needed them.

When we refer to accessibility in this instance, we talk of the fact that the produced eyeglasses could either not reach people easily due to non or limited proximity to product location and the absence of transacting platforms that could facilitate convenient purchases, or the exceedingly high cost of procuring the finished products. All of these, indicated the need for a revamp on the operating systems of the industry.

Some of the underlying problem up until the not too recent contemporary times, the eyeglass industry have not had a reasonable number of active manufacturing firms. The industry was marked by a rather monopolistic type of operation where only a very few firms were the determiners, and implementers of whatever policy or decision that had to be made; and this definitely included product design, and pricing.

One of the issues consumers had with this trend, was the fact that the prices of the eyewear were exorbitantly high, partly because some of the cost saving practices which the manufacturing firms were supposed to put to consideration, were largely ignored. These are consequently handed down in effect, to the final consumers who had no choice whatsoever.

Another underlying problem at that time, was the unavailability of online eyeglasses retailers such as discount online eyeglasses retailers , where different eyeglass types are listed, and have an assortment of various prices. This feature becomes important, since many people everywhere need these types of options, and cannot always get down to the physical location to get the products. Aside to this, it gives the consumers a chance at easily making choices from an array of options, right from the comfort of their living room, or some other convenient location, and time.

The Warby Parker cutting edge

The needed method to bring solutions to the challenges of the visual aid industry, was just a counter effect approach to the prevailing situations. These were the major elements of the Warby Parker company objectives.

The founders who at one point or the other, has had personal experiences that relates to the inadequacies of the industry, came up with the company idea which aims at primarily breaking down on the high cost of acquiring glasses. This of course, is a welcome development for the eye glass users, who have had to endure some difficulty or the other.

Their methods of operation

When Warby Parker started, the company aimed at bringing price sanity to the eyewear industry. It should be noted that before this time, quality eyeglasses were obtainable at high prices of about $500 and upwards, which is way higher compared to the prices you would find now, on such stores as Go-Optic where different quality eyewear products are displayed at the some of the lowest prices you might find.

The most feasible way to come to this, was to find and adopt methods that would reduce costs of production in terms of raw material purchase, as well as the cost of processing and converting the raw materials to finished products. Once this is achieved, everybody can easily buy more than one eyewear with relatively more ease, not requiring some real savings as if it were some big house project, or investments.

In order to achieve this, the company management thought of the importance of having a means of effecting the processes of production by the company itself, without bearing the extra costs that would be required for producing any or all of the components at a different company or place. By this, most of the finished products are made in-house, using the best but cost minimized materials.

Another approach to ameliorating the accessibility issues, was the adoption of online e-commerce platforms, which have now become the order of the day. Warby Parker after producing the eyewear, does the product marketing, and subsequently sells them by itself. This is a great ways of cutting down on costs, which would have been burdened on the consumers. Now, several major online eyeglasses retailers including but not limited to Go-Optic have seen this shift in the eyeglasses industry, and have fully adopted it.

The overall effect of these activities, is the creation of increased competition in the markets, thus forcing other producers to implement ways that would help them cut down costs as well, especially if they would remain in business, on the long run.

In conclusion, the eyewear company is less than a decade in the running, and relatively young. So far their success seems to be positioning and holding a vantage point of the industry in the near future. Warby Parker has received wide spread acknowledgements and good comments from business and review organizations.

If you ask an observer why he thinks this is so, he probably would also mention the fact that the company is dedicated to the cause of charity. Aside, the business activities of the company, Warby Parker also donates free eyeglasses to individuals. Thus, for every singular eyewear bought, the company donates one out to charity. This could be an indication that the founders are not just out for the money alone.

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