How Your Weight Affects Your Skin

How Your Weight Affects Your Skin

Weight gain and loss, especially if it happens quickly or repeatedly can have major effects on your skin. There are many articles and essays that you can understand that you have problems. It makes sense, your skin is an organ – the biggest one you have. The old saying, you are what you eat applies to your outside as much as your inside. Fat deposits can cause low-grade inflammation that may trigger skin disorders like psoriasis or other skin ailments. Losing weight can not only reduce symptoms of these skin diseases, but can put sufferers into complete remission according to recent reports.

On the subject of weight gain – especially during pregnancy – your skin can tell the tale. From stretch marks to breakouts, your skin is definitely aware of what is happening inside your body. Stretch marks are caused when the collagen in the dermis is stretched beyond its natural limits. As the collagen is damaged, the blood vessels dilate and the result is the reddish purple stretch marks every pregnant woman prays to avoid. Over time, the damaged skin actually loses its pigment and becomes white – less noticeable on fair-skinned people, but definitely still there.

Weight gain outside of pregnancy can also give rise to stretch marks if it happens quickly. But it’s the cause of the weight gain (normally a poor diet and lack of exercise) that can also be troublesome for your skin. Typically, such weigh increases are the result of eating more processed foods (and we’re not just talking about a Twinkie here and there). Processed foods, especially when consumed in large quantities, flood your body with huge amounts of trans fats, sugar and preservatives – in other words, lots of stuff you don’t want or need in your system. For instance, excess sugar in your diet can actually accelerate the aging process of your skin by attacking the existing collagen in your skin and also effectively blocking the production of more. Add that to the stretching going on and that’s bad news.

On the other side of the equation, rapid weight loss can have a damaging impact on your skin as well. Particularly in the case of patients who have undergone gastric bypass or gastric banding, the body shrinks more quickly than the skin, leaving droopiness on the abdomen, thighs, arms and even the face. Similar results can be seen as a result of extreme use of diet pills and/or fasting. For these reasons and countless other health reasons, most doctors are advocates of gradual consistent weight loss centered on a healthy diet and exercise program.

In fact a lifestyle of healthy eating habits and daily exercise can take years off your appearance. From the added antioxidants and vitamins present in a balanced diet to the decreased sugar intake, the collagen in your skin will be able to repair itself and continue to manufacture more. The result? Fine lines and wrinkles can actually fade and your skin can regain the taut elasticity of your youth. You may also notice a difference in your complexion. With fewer toxins to be processed and regular exercise to keep your body’s natural detoxification cycle moving, your skin will look better and feel better.

For a skin-healthy diet, try including more of the following foods in your daily menu: fruit, vegetables (green peppers and tomatoes are good starting points), low-fat protein (chicken or fish are great choices), low-fat dairy products (milk and yogurt are great, but watch out for sugar), whole grains (remember oatmeal?) and good fats (like olive oil, some cheeses, etc.).

How Yoga Can Contribute Towards Younger, Healthier Skin

Many people see yoga as an old age, meditation style exercise which should only be done by people who love nature, and who act a little strangely. However, thanks to many celebrities yoga has recently turned into one of the most popular exercises around.

Long gone are the days when it was an absolute embarrassment to admit you even knew what yoga was. Now many people can be spotted with their rolled up mats and their designer yoga equipment as they make their way to their next class. So what benefits does yoga pose? Well as surprising as it might sound, yoga is not only good for your flexibility and muscle tone, but it can also pose some serious benefits to the skin too!

Yoga and the Skin

Yoga can help the skin in many different ways and some beauty courses even use some yoga exercises. Some examples of how the skin can benefit from yoga include:


One of the biggest benefits to the skin that yoga provides is that it helps to keep the skin looking younger for longer. This is due to a number of factors including that yoga provides elasticity to the spine; it helps reduce stress which often has a big impact on premature ageing, and combats free radicals which are what mainly cause premature ageing. It also helps the skin to become firmer and more flexible which in turn keeps the skin looking healthy.

Helping You To Sleep Better

We all know that we are supposed to get around eight hours sleep a night in order to look our best, however, most people do not end up getting enough sleep and therefore their skin ends up looking dull and lifeless. Yoga is a strenuous exercise which works every muscle in the body. There are various different types of yoga programs such as energizing and relaxing yoga exercises. Preferably if you want to sleep better you should do the energizing yoga in the morning and relaxing yoga at night, that way you should get a peaceful night’s sleep as your muscles will be extremely tired.

Helping to Eliminate Acne

Whilst many experts claim that Acne is helped along through exercise, many people find that for them, that simply is not true. Sweat can often irritate acne and cause it to become inflamed, making the condition look worse rather than helping it to get better. As yoga is so calm and slow, often people do not sweat as much whilst doing it, and so obviously this would be a better form of exercise for people who are suffering from acne.

Overall Yoga provides many benefits to the skin and the whole body. It keeps you relaxed, fit and healthy, and it gives you a glowing complexion. So, if you have never tried yoga before why not start now? You never know if something will work for you unless you actually try it!

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