Medical Tourism Services in India

Medical Tourism Services in India

Medical Tourism is the future of medicine, a travel concept that unites patients and doctors from across the globe. medical tourism services in india has mushroomed extensively in the last five years in the growth of digitalisation. In 2015, the medical tourism India was estimated to be over $3 Billion, which is expected to grow over $7 Billion by 2020 according to

Residents of countries like Canada and Great Britain who have extensive national healthcare arrangements, often prefer travelling overseas to cut down the waiting time. Sometimes citizens also go abroad to get cosmetic surgery as most insurance providers don’t cover that. In some cases, the urgency to get the treatment can also prompt them to opt of medical tourism facilities.

USPs of Getting Medical Tourism Services in India Cost

The biggest USP that drives patients to visit India for medical treatments is the reduced cost in addition to the availability of all the latest technologies in the medical world. Most estimates suggest that cost for most procedures in India start from one-tenth of the total amount quoted in hospitals of USA and United Kingdom. Most medical tourists visit India to get treatments including bone-marrow transplant, alternative medicine, cardiac bypass, heart surgery, and other advanced medical procedures.

Quality of Cure

Despite the reduced cost the medical tourist gets to experience the best care and facilities. There are total 33 JCI hospitals in India. However, its essential for the medical tourist to find the best hospital-doctor combination. Here Medical Tourism, come into the picture who guide the patient to get in touch with the best hospital and specialist according to their medical case requirements. They also provide packages in which they offer services covering everything from their hospital bill, to travel expenses, to accommodation expenses.

Chennai aka ‘India’s Health Capital’ attracts 45 per cent of these international patients. On an estimate Chennai admits more than 150 international patients every day. The reason behind this high inflow is because of the low cost, next to no waiting time, and the facilities provided in the speciality hospitals.

Ease to Travel

The visa-on-arrival arrangements made for the tourist from selected countries have significantly helped in boosting the medical tourists in the country. In 2016 it was reported that India saw citizens of Maldives, Republic of Korea, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan travelling in India on medical visas according to India has also removed visa restriction from Gulf countries allowing people to visit their family in the two-month gap, making it easier for Gulf citizens to get a medical visa for India.

No Language Barriers

Despite being linguistically diverse, India treats English as its official language which is widely spoken by the majority of the population and universally by all medical professionals. No barrier automatically helps the medical tourist in getting comfortable with the doctors eliminating the need for any translator.

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