Mouthwatering Cakes that You Try Coming Events


Teacher’s Day, Farewell, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and so many more occasions knock on our doors round the year! And all of these demand a cake. So here are a few must have, mouthwatering cakes that you can try at the upcoming events with your loved ones while by preferring cake delivery in Delhi or any other part in INDIA.

  1. Light Chocolate or Black Forest: This is the most commonly loved as well as available flavor of cakes. Birthday cakes, anniversary cakes or any joyous occasion that repeats itself in a year for the annual cycle of treat is perfect for enjoying this flavor. It is usually light, fluffy and spongy with a generous amount of creamy frosting to go with it. This is an all-time favorite which makes for an irresistible delicacy on the table. Your family will certainly have a hard time not eating the dessert first! You can even get photo icing with added layers on this cake to make it the party highlight that everyone literally wants to gobble up!
  2. Red and blue velvet cakes: If red is not the color for love, then we don’t know what is! Red Velvets are enjoyed by one and all for every occasion including Christmas and New Year nowadays. But if red is not your color, there’s another one on the list for you. Blue Velvet Coconut Torte is the blue brother of Red Velvet cakes! If you are looking for something that will be loved by everyone in a family gathering, then this is the cake for you. Get a recipe on the Internet or order it online easily and eat your blues away! The striking color also makes it easier for you to arrange theme parties around it. Order cake online in Chennai and feel the cool breeze of the North even inside your home!
  3. Strawberry layer cake or fresh tropical fruits cake: This is exclusively for the warm season when excess of sweet is not really a very appetizing option. The cool, tropical fruit flavored, light frosting sandwiched between fluffy sponges is just perfect for a warm summer evening. Strawberry has a refreshing and happiness inducing quality which is the right one for casually indulging in a cheat diet or on the days you feel like pampering yourself. You can even get sugar free cakes for birthdays or for any impromptu get together and diet anniversary cakes for elders and the fitness conscious on They are also a relief in extreme weathers as you can get more variety according to the seasons. Summers can be particularly hot in Delhi with the average temperature climbing up to as high as 47 °C. In such conditions, you can choose cool ice cakes and send cakes to Delhi and enjoy it on a warm evening or even on a picnic.

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