Privacy Policy

You need to go through with the privacy policy of to know how the information are collected and maintained in the website to make you aware with the facts. This policy stated on the website comes with the process of information gathering and dissemination. The information are collected and prepared for the use. Here, the policy gives you a better understanding of what precaution you need to take and how the contents are controlled through the specialized team of experts and those limitations that are taken against unauthorized access.

Changes in Privacy Policy

The information carried in might be changed with the need and for minor changes you are not informed. The changes can be done to make the process better and innovative. The choice is not given to any individual before we make changes in the personal information. We try our best to maintain the warm relation between patient and doctor as we just bring out the health tips which are required for the betterment of the body and overall health. Serious health issues and children under 18 years are directed to consult with their own physician or doctor.

Collection of Information

However, you may be able to access certain limited areas without disclosing any personal and identifiable piece of information. The information we get here is not traced back to any individual and is not used on its own to identify anyone. We do not make use of cookies. Our section of this Privacy Policy entitled Cookies and Web Beacons below, further describes the process. You need to provide identifying information such as your name, e-mail address, zip code, and other professional information which are secured and kept personal. You will also have a choice regarding the newsletters and other information that you may want to receive. If you are required to provide additional information to gain more access, or if we would like to use personally identifiable information about you, we adhere to the strict Privacy Policy. It is our responsibility to explain how we intend to use it and we will require your consent. reserves the right to collect additional information about registered users from third party sources to further assist us in our services. We will use such information to verify and update registration information and confirm licensure status.

Our contracts with third parties whose web beacons may be placed on our sites to assist us in targeting its advertising are not owned and operated by the people on our end. These web beacons place cookies to enable third parties to collect non-personally identifiable information about you. These third parties have agreed not to use incriminating or personal information. Again, if your browser is set to reject cookies, this non-personally identifiable information will not be sent. With sale of advertising, we may allow a third party to place a cookie on your browser to enable advertisers to recognize your browser on a non-personally identifiable basis. One again, the same procedures apply.