There’s 1 Big Thing Fitness Trackers Haven’t Mastered


Fitness Tracker is the new and most advanced invention of mankind that can measure all the works and physical capabilities of human beings or any living creature by putting/attaching the device in the body of that creature. Normally human are fond of it because other creatures are not bothered about the measuring limits. You can start getting the help from a fitness tracker but there is one thing which can’t be measured trough it. Here, the article is written by James William Morris of America by taking the serous issue in terms of mixing the virtual world with the digital world.

Measuring limits becomes so easy now days that you can start the switch and get the results in the screen of the device. Famous human psychologist Jenifer Anderson says “The transform of human lifestyle into digitization is really dangerous as people start giving less importance to emotions in a practical manner which can be explained as a boy is paying a donation for a girl who is suffering from a disease in Africa by viewing the circulated massage in internet whereas he was unaware with the fact that his mother needs a immediate eye operation as he passes maximum time on internet in comparison to spend time with his family. Later the story gets more value when Anderson comes with valid evidence that the girl for who he paid donation was died before 3 years.

Now, we will move to the main conclusion where many people ask the question about that one thing which can’t be measured by the fitness tracker. The answer is your mentality, dedication for work and confidence power to stick with the performance. The ability can be measured with any tracker but your requirement to put the ability into action cannot be measured with any digital machine. The tracker can give you the calculated number but it can’t give you the assurance that you might perform better on the very next day.

Simply spitting out your stats and comparing them to what you should be doing isn’t motivating according to the research done in the University of America. “We found that just giving people a device doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to result in something you think it’s going to result in,” told in the annual health meeting at the club house of USA by famous health expert Daniel Smith. The activity trackers really don’t engage people in strategies that really make a difference in terms of long term lifestyle change and keep people updated with his present limits”

You can start improving your performance by doing something different instead of measuring the limit all the time as the motivation and confidence can be generated through you own thoughts and willing power and you need to behave positive by staying in the better mental state. Sports man and other professional persons are guided and instructed by health experts and personal doctors or physician so they get the genuine chart to get into the form by knowing their limits.

The reason behind the success body type and perfect shape can be the sound peace of mind by gathering the needful elements surrounded in the nature and by doing meditation and other healthy activities which improves the health and confidence power as you can measure the limit and time of performance by the device called Fitness tracker but you can’t measure the mind and its limit that brings the confidence in you to perform harder and even better than before. Satisfaction of any person can measured through his happiness not by the cost of the wrist watch he is wearing.

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