Ways Of Doing Surfer’s Workout


Getting the right shape of body is the common wish of any man whether he is having a thin or lean body at the present time. To get the surfer body shape people introduce many measures and buy expensive equipments but every time you must clear the fact about getting the right amount of body as the requirement of the body must be fulfilled and you must take the necessary action to change the shape of your body and mind. Using the right equipment at the right time and by making the muscles strong and ripped you can get into the look for which you are dying for a long time.

Here, the author likes to mention some of the best techniques and implementation of dumbbells over the body that makes the body attractive and keep you in the right shape. Go through the steps as mention in the following article can give you a valid chance to get into the dream physique without trying any chemical or artificial elements inside the body by hampering its immunity and capability.

  • Trying Overhead Walking Lunge

You should try this activity in a free atmosphere by avoiding the pollution and smokes available in the surrounding by holding two dumbbells in your two hands. To start the first step you should move your one leg forward by keeping the body straight and touch the ground by the keen of another leg by holding the two dumbbells in order to balance the hands with the body movement. The process burn maximum calories and shape the body effectively.

  • Pushup with Dumbbells

We all are aware with the fact that pushups are essential to shape the body in the right manner. Ding pushups with the counting the number make back stronger and pump the chest muscles so well that you can feel the change by looking into the mirror. But here the effect can be placed by taking the dumbbells on both hands. You should do the same task by adding the dumbbells so that you can achieve the effective results in a short span of time.

  • Dumbbell Row with Swiss Ball

Triceps and forearms need proper workout to get into the shape. Here we bring the most effective technique by adding a Swiss ball to the activity. The body comes down and you need to maintain the distance between two legs where one leg need to some forward and the other one must go beside it. One hand should hold the dumbbell and the another hand get the balance by holding the Swiss ball and you can create the magic one more time by tightening the muscle and structuring the body accordingly.

  • Overhead Press in an alternate manner

Shoulder is another important part of the body which needs to be taken under consideration and here you can bring the overhead press by holding two dumbbells in two hands of yours and moving the hand in upper and lower direction to curve the back and strengthen the shoulder perfectly.  You need to keep the back straight and do the workout alternatively. The result is easy to achieve by staying healthier and fit for longer hours.

  • Dumbbell Rotation with Swiss Ball

The more you give pressure to the body you can feel the rapid changes over the body and its size. Dumbbell rotation is really workable for the body can one can do this by taking the Swiss ball at the back by getting a support from behind. You need to move the hands keeping the dumbbells without moving the body. You can change the body direction to increase the pressure over your body.

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