Yoga Poses You Can Do in Your Desk Chair


Complaining about unavailability of proper place and circumstances might give you a chance to avoid doing exercises but do you know that you can do Yoga by sitting in your chair? Yes, it is really possible by following some of the poses and steps which can be workable by sitting on a chair. The willingness and proper guidelines can keep you healthy and fit where you need to implement some of the effective steps from Yoga to find greater shape and genuine results in short span of time.

Follow the steps and movement of your body to reduce the level of stress and burden of works. Hectic life and fast lifestyle take off the happiness and good health from our life and makes us depended over the medicines and other measures available in the market. So, here we bring some of the Yoga poses that you can follow even by sitting in the office chair.

  • Stretching the Hands over the thighs

The most commonly used practice within the people as they find it simple and effective over the body and its muscles to get a relaxation. The continuation and long duration of work by sitting in the desk chair really makes us impatient and distracted from work. Now, you can place both of your hands upwards in a straight direction and come down keeping the body straight by touching the thighs. The process makes your muscles relaxed. You should inhale the breath while taking the hands up and exhale when you pull it down.

  • Keeping the hands higher

Sometimes it makes people crazy when they think over the matter that one can do exercises by sitting on a chair. Yoga is such a special gift to mankind that the benefits of Yoga can’t be explained through words. Try this pose where you to keep the hand in the upward direction and keep the body straight so that the backbone will get the stress and genuine affects. The higher hands will maintain the balance and you can feel the effects over the abs, spine and shoulder.

  • Bend it with Chair

Once you completed your task by keeping the hand in the upward direction you should start implementing the next step by going downwards to touch the floor. For the first time it is difficult to touch the floor with your full palm but slowly by practicing it regularly you can do it in better terms by getting effective results in short span of time. The process is good for keeping the back stronger and melting the fats from the lower abs.

  • Extended side angles

If you are fed up with the work and need something to keep the attention then start doing Yoga for regular basis. Extended side angle is most effective pose over the chair where you need to sit straight over the chair and touch the floor one hand palm by placing it on the other side of the foot. The other hand should go straight and you must keep it straight. The process improves the waist muscles and back to respond better.

  • Spinal Twist

This pose can be followed by anyone as it is easy but very much effective overt the whole body and muscles. You need sit from the side of the chair and hold the portion of the chair where usually you keep your back. Here, need to hold that portion tightly and move the upper portion of the body to get a better outcome without fail. You should keep the back straight and don’t ever move the legs in order to make the process more effective and genuine.

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