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In this article I will give you all an overview about stem cell therapy and why you should prefer India for the treatment!!

So here is a small gist on stem cell therapy for you.

 If you are in search for a safe and reliable treatment for thalassemia, blood cancer, spine injury, degenerative disorder, genetic disorder like cerebral palsy, autism etc then stem cell therapy in India is the right treatment for you.

Stem cell therapy in India is showcasing most promising results around the globe. Stem cell therapy is a treatment which is use to treat various life-threatening alignments with the use of stem cells. These cells can be obtained from several sources and it treats more than 80 disorders. Some of them are cerebral palsy, degenerative disorder, Austin, muscular dystrophy and many more. It has opened many platforms for treating many illnesses through stem cell therapy and the best part of the therapy is the cost which is very reasonable and affordable.

Now, before moving ahead let me clear your idea on stem cells and what are they?

before moving ahead let me clear your idea on stem cells

Stem cells are those cells which are obtained from the bone marrow, blood stream of a human’s body. These cells can be in the form of red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells. The best part of these cells is, they have the ability to regenerate and repair the damage cells and tissue.

Stem cells are also of different types like peripherical blood stem cells, adult stem cell, fetal stem cells, umbilical cord stem cells etc.

For a stem cell therapy to be successful many factors are considered one such factor is the type of stem cell you choose. The type of cell you have chosen should match the patient’s cells so that body accepts the new stem cells.


  1. Cost of the therapy: In India, cost of this treatment very affordable in comparison to other countries. The major reason for choosing India is because it is cost effective.

Cost for the therapy in India ranged from $12000 to $15000.

  1. Advance use of technology: The use of technology here, is very advance and this is the reason why India is becoming a hub of medical treatment.
  2. Waiting period: The waiting period for the therapy in India is less. Basically, it depends on person’s immune system and also consider treatment as a matter of fact.
  3. Conversion Rate: The rate of conversion of stem cells is minimal i.e. 30 days depending upon the age and recovery of the body.

Waiting period

Worried about the Stem Cell Therapy in India?

You don’t need to …

As you know that India is at its stage of development, and currently it is providing best option to those people who are in search of this treatment. The treatment is very advance and not all the countries have that required knowledge.

Other than this the cost of treatment here, in India is low as compared to other developed countries like UK and US.

Here, is the chart which will make the cost comparison more easy

Here, is the chart which will make the cost comparison more easy UK and US


  • The survival cost in India for those people/patients who come here from other countries to get their treatment done is minimal.
  • The facilities for accommodation here in India is very reasonable suiting our pocket.
  • The quality of doctors and surgeons which India has is extraordinary, because of their experience.
  • The conversion rate for international patients who come to India to treat their illness is very low.
  • The technology which is used by the Indian surgeons is very advance, so the results achieved is maximally successful.


CONSULTATION: The first and the foremost step is to decide for the type of therapy. We need to take decision as to for which treatment we are going and need doctor’s consultation for the same. The patient need to have all the test related to their illness. If they are going for allogenic stem cell therapy then they should have the donor ready.

PREPEARTION: In this phase the doctor as well as hospital gets finalised. At this point of time, the patients need to follow certain process instructed by the doctor which are essential for stem cell therapy.

After all the finalisation one need to take rest for some time and at the same time they need to get ready for the fresh start.

INITIAL ACTION: In this doctor give chemotherapy to the patients so that all damaged cell gets disposed of. This step is basically done to clarify and purify the patient’s body. In the following step the immune system of the patient’s gets weakens. And, on the other hand hikmen’s are inserted into the patient’s body, this is done so that all the medicines are injected from that pipe only.

STEM CELL TRANSPLANT: After the above process the main step of the therapy i.e. stem cell transplant takes place. Here, the extracted stem cell gets injected into the patient’s body. To carry out this process it takes 2-4 hours.

Here the main operation takes place, the stem cell is injected from hikmen’s to the patient’s body.

RECOVERY: At this step the patients body is observed, each and every action of the patient’s body is observed, regular check-ups takes place. This is the most important step as because in this stage patient is prone to many side effects. Therefore, the patients always need doctor’s guidance and presence.

FOLLOW UP: After all this the doctors take regular follow ups. At this stage doctors check that is the patients stem cell is working and also checks that he or she is not prone to any other problem.

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